Steamboat Springs, CO

March sucks.  It's really a terrible, terrible month.  Cold, snowy, cloudy, gray, and there is ALWAYS one last brutal blizzard that hits just when you think winter can't possibly go on any longer.  March is inevitable, and almost unbearable.

You know where March is bearable?  In Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Spring skiing!

If you aren't familiar with Steamboat, it's a fairly small mountain town in the Rockies a few hours northwest of Denver.  People come from all over the world to ski and snowboard down Mount Warner's long runs in the winter, and who can blame them?  It's excellent skiing with a less pretentious and snooty attitude than nearby Aspen and Vail, or so I am told.  Not only is skiing great, but the residents are all pretty great too.  I have yet to find a mean Steamboatian.

Anyways, every year for the past 10 years, my dad, sisters and I road trip out to Colorado for some spring skiing and to visit our relatives, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jamie, and our cousins JJ and Nick.  Usually I can only go for a long weekend due to work, but this year I was able to go for the full 9 day trip.  So we hopped in the old van and made the 18 hour road trip to Steamboat for a week with the Langhans fam.  As an added bonus, our cousin Kelsey from California was able to meet us out there, as well as cousins Pat, Tim, and Nike from Denver. 

Our trip was filled with family, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, yoga, relaxation, hot springs,  a Langhans twist on charades on St. Patrick's day, nighttime misadventures, amazing food, wine, and as always:  dad's special cookies.

The details don't matter.  The photos speak for themselves.  Finally got to test out the new camera a bit :)  All you need to know is, it was an amazing week with family.  Enjoy!

PS - If you are ever in Steamboat Springs, you MUST eat here, I guarantee it will be some of the best food you have ever had!  
Harwigs L'apogee Restaurant

Rabbit Ears Pass, coming into Steamboat Springs
Sisters and Cousin Kelsey
Long lift
Dad enjoying the view Cross Country Skiing

Brother and Sister!  Dad and Sandy
Nicky love skiing
Cross Country Skiing
Cross Country Skiing
Family Dinner

Exquisite Cuisine from Harwigs L'apogee, our family's amazing restaurant in Steamboat

Tori caught a nice view of Mt. Warner
Langhans sister sass

Tim and Nick
This was an interesting night
Cousin fun
Bailey, our cousin Pat's daughter.  Coolest kid I know.

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