Brazil Update

So close, and yet, so far away.  

I'm going to write today about Brazil, as I need a short mental vacation from the -15 degree winter that is currently taking place outside my window.  Seriously, MN?  WTF?  This has to be the worst winter EVER.   Yes, EVER.  I'm declaring it.  Really wish we would have planned Brazil for February, I need to escape stat.  

My backyard

We finally settled some details about Brazil!  After much procrastination, we sat down and hashed out some ideas.  Here's what we decided:

We will fly to Rio, spend 3-4 nights there, see all of the beaches and tourist stuff.  Then, we will hop a short flight to Florianopolis, a beautiful beach city about an hour up the coast from Rio.  We will be there for 5-6 nights, bask in the sun and sand, then fly back to Rio for a night before flying home.  

We decided to forgo a trip to Manaus to visit the rainforest, as it would have easily added a few thousand dollars to our trip price tag for just a few days in the jungle.  I'm bummed we will miss it, but not too bummed since it means spending extra time on the coast.  I plan on living in my bathing suit in Florianopolis! 

I have started my Portuguese lessons, and so far, so good.  Its been pretty basic stuff so far, so it has been mostly review for me, but im sure it will get harder soon.  I am now able to count to ten, tell you what color your bicycle or car is, and tell whether the boy/girl is running, walking or swimming.  Cant wait to use it!

Ashley and Chester sent in their passports to be renewed, and they should get them back soon.  Next step is applying for visas, which are stupid expensive  For an American to get a tourist visa for Brazil, its $160 a person.  Yikes.  I'm thinking they jacked up the prices for the World Cup and Carnaval?  Oh well, nothing we can do about it.

So that's where we are at, only 45 days to go before departure!  :)  In the meantime, I will just change my desktop wallpaper to this beautiful photo of Florianoplis: