Back in the saddle again.  Took a brief hiatus from the blog, and a friend inspired me this past weekend to pick it back up.  Sometimes a little inspiration is all you need!

Just to update, we have booked our trip to Brazil!  We will be leaving on March 7, returning on the 17th.  10 days seems long, but subtract time for two 16-hour flights, and we are left with about 8 days to take in as much Brazil as possible. 

We are currently planning to split our time between Rio de Janeiro and Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.  Dustin is worried about snakes, but if I can deal with the spider factor, he can deal with snakes.  Last time I went to the Amazon, I learned about the nightmare that is what the locals call "community spiders."  Probably not the technical term since that's a translation, but nonetheless terrifying.  Maybe that will be my next adventure blog post.

Excited to get back to blogging! 

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