Necessities - Space Bags

I never thought to use these until my most recent backpacking trip.  I bought a great backpack, only to realize it was bit too small to fit all that I needed to bring for two weeks.  Like a sign from the travel gods, I stumbled upon Space Bags 3 days before my trip.

Duh.  Why didn't I think of this before?  They were perfect.  In case you don't understand how they work:
1.  Put in clothes
2.  Seal Bag
3.  Roll bag to push air out
4.  Pack.

Voil√†.  They shrink your clothing bulk down to take up half the space they did before.  It's genius.  Here is the brand I used, and I thought they were good quality for such a low price.  You can find them on Amazon.com here: http://www.amazon.com/Space-Bag-Vacuum-Seal-Storage-Bags/dp/B0009VCB5M


  1. Liz- you forgot to mention that when you unpack your space saving bags- the clothes explode out of them :)

  2. It's true, clothes spring from their shackles in a fit of joy when the bag has opened :)