Necessities - Best. Sandals. Ever.

When you are traveling, good shoes can make or break your trip/excursion.  If you have a lot of walking to do on an upcoming trip somewhere warm (aka NOT Minnesota), and want great sandals for walking around in and still looking good, try Borns!

I bought two pairs of the Born Aberlin Sandals for my recent Europe trip, one in black and one in gold.  They are spendy on the Born site, but you can find them for a much lower price on other shoe websites like Amazon and Zappos.
Ladies, these sandals are cute, flexible, and slightly cushioned.  I walked around in them for hours without so much as a hint of a blister.  Did I mention how cute they are?  They can be casual for everyday walking around, and since they aren't flip flops, they are also acceptable to wear with a dress or skirt to a nice dinner.

 Even if these aren't your style, almost all Born shoes are very confortable.  I have purchased flats from this brand as well, which I loved.

Dudes, I can't personally vouch for the men's shoes, but a family member of mine swears by them.  Check 'em out.

Happy Walking!

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