Necessities - Microfiber Travel Towel

One of my favorite must-have accessories is the Travel TowelDoesn't seem very exciting, I know, but it is one of the most useful purchases I have made for traveling.

If you travel frequently and are always looking for space saving items, a must have is the microfiber travel towel.  Super compact and lightweight, these towels dry extremely quickly and are still able to absorb as much liquid as a regular towel.  They can also be used for more than just a towel.  I have used mine several times as a blanket and as a makeshift umbrella. 

Mine has traveled with me for 10 years now through the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, twice through Europe and other trips, and the thing still looks brand-spanking new.   I use a MicroNet Suede Microfiber Towel (you can find them on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/MicroNet-Suede-Ultra-Compact-Microfiber-Towel/dp/B003V4MK28

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