Adventure Wish List #1

Oh, Pinterest.  You are so much fun to look at, but you suck so much time from my day without me realizing.  Damn you.

I don't know about users, but when I log into Pinterest, my home screen is FILLED with gorgeous pictures of faraway places that people have repinned.  It's like Pinterest knows how much I like to travel, and it decides to taunt me with all of the places I haven't been to yet.  It prompted me to make a board of 'Places to Go' that is pretty full.  
Here is what I was greeted with today.  Sigh.

So instead of pinning every pretty pic of places to go, why not focus realistically on one place at a time?

First Item on the Adventure Wish List - Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

¡Vamos para o Carnaval!

I am choosing this first since it recently became a near-future possibility.  My best friend's husband, Chester, had missionaries for parents.  He was born and raised in a rural area of Brazil before his parents moved him and his family back to the United States in his late childhood.  He has since married my best friend Ashley, and now wants to take her to Brazil to see his home country.  While at dinner a few weeks ago they asked Dustin and I if we would be interested in going to visit Brazil with them, and I mentioned how crazy it would be to go there during Carnaval, which is Brazil's national celebration during the six weeks before Lent.  It is Brazil's biggest holiday, and the country pretty much shuts down to party and throw elaborately costumed Samba paradesInteresting fact from Wikipedia:  80% of Brazil's annual beer consumption and 70% of tourism happens during Carnaval.  

So, it sounds like Mardi Gras on a much larger scale.  Who wouldn't want to do that?  Plus, we have a Brazilian native and fluent Portuguese speaker to travel with.  Perfect.

Besides the festivities of Carnaval, the beaches are amazing, you can visit the Amazon rainforest, and Brazilian food is delicioso. 

I am hoping we can make this trip happen, so we better start planning soon!  In the meantime, feast your eyes on the beauties of Brazil and Carnaval :)

Wiki Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_Carnival
Official Carnaval Page: http://www.rio-carnival.net/

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  1. Your blog is great!! And I have no doubt you will travel the world and see it all!