Long Flight Survival

Quick Long Flight Survival Tips, Tested and Proven by Your Truly:

-Wear thick socks, comfy shoes, comfy clothes, and LAYER!  It gets cold at 30,000 feet, and plane blankets suck. My personal favorite is fuzzy socks.  Kind of want this sleeper hoodie though: Burton Sleeper Travel Hoodie

  -Bring an eye mask and earplugs or headphones...that crying baby at 2 am will make you crabby.  If you like to sleep to music, create a quiet playlist to listen to as you sleep.  My personal favorite sleep music is the Postal Service.  Never fails!
 -Bring your own bottle of water, extra snacks, and gum.
-Watch movies, read a book or magazine, play games...if you cant sleep, keep yourself distracted so time passes quickly.   
-Take Sleep Aids if you are flying overnight somewhere and want to guarantee you get some sleep across the pond.  Take the aids about 15-20 minutes before takeoff.  Regular ol' Target brand Sleep Aid works just as well as other brand name products.
-Pack a small bag of items for quickly refreshing in the bathroom:  Toothbrush and paste, contact/eye drops, face wipes, lotion, deodorant, nasal saline, lip balm, Advil, etc.
 - Get up every hour or so and walk around, stretch, anything to get some movement.  If you cant leave your seat, do some chair exercises:  Do an In Flight Fitness Workout

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Do you have another must have or must do for surviving long flights?  Comment below.

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